Expanding the Workforce in Construction: Inclusive Initiatives for Women and Critical for Ever-Evolving NYC Construction Industry Published: Queens Daily Eagle – October 18, 2018 View Article or Read Full Text  

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Taxation of NYC Real Property – Lexis Practice Advisor
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“Marcus & Pollack LLP successfully represented Time Warner and Related in this multimillion dollar Tax Appeal ($20,000,000 tax savings)”
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“Property Tax Assessments Spiral Out Of Control in New York City – Massive assessment hikes in New York City confirm that Mayor Bill de Blasio intends to extract as much revenue as possible from real estate, one of the city’s most important industries” May 2015 View Article/Download PDF

“Mayor de Blasio may reinstate or modify 421-a tax exemption”
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“New York City Assessors Elevate Forms over Substance”
National Real Estate Investor – May 2013
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“Tax Slash Champ” – “EXCLUSIVE: Ten well-healed NYC property magnates save themselves a small fortune”  The Daily News reports Joel Marcus’ work handling the News Corp building at 1211 6th Ave ‘winning a whopping 77.7 million off the assessed value of its monolithic skyscraper’ as this year’s “Tax Slash Champ”
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“Top ten largest tax appeals saved landlords nearly half a billion”  THE REAL DEAL cites Marcus & Pollack for their involvement in many of these successful reductions of assessments.
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New York City’s Relentless Reassessments Raise Revenue-and Eyebrows
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Tax Exemptions and Abatements for Industrial and Commercial Structures
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