Construction Begins on Union Square Tech Training Center

Construction Begins on Union Square Tech Training Center

I was part of the team that worked out the Tax Exemption and tenant (Civic Hall) lease escalation details.

NYEDC leases property to RAL they build building, Not-for-profit status gives building 33% exemption, which benefits the tenant and developer.

We get Tax certiorari work and consulting fee.

Boy I love the projects we are involved with.

Oh, by the way, Civic Hall is a free tech training organization helping young people get into highly specialized fields.

Amazon needs New York and we welcome them here. It’s a natural fit for them…. Visit LinkedIn post.

Tax Assessments for condominiums, Cooperatives and rentals were required to be valued on a similar basis. “Without regard to the form of ownership”…. Visit LinkedIn post.

screen shot of Real Deal article on Linked In with collage of mans head and buildings

“36,000 reasons or square feet to be happy about.”Visit LinkedIn.”